Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Grace of a Good Book

I have an addiction.  I simply can't walk out of a public library without at least one book in my hand.  I love to read.  When my to-do list is crossed off and I know I can sit in my comfy chair and ottoman with a book, I feel a silly sense of glee. It is then that I can toss aside my cares, my thoughts, my planning and my worries and crawl into the pages of a good book where I'm taken to faraway lands, immersed with people from another time and exposed to ideas I had never contemplated before. I can't be without a book.  Lately, my good friend Donna gave me a book about grace. I wasn't sure if she gave it to me because there was a lifelike illustration of a dragonfly on the cover and she knows I am attracted to dragonflies or if there was something in the book's pages that she felt I needed to read.  As it turns out, I believe it may be a little of both, but certainly the latter. After plowing through one mystery book after another from the library, this slim book emerged at the top of my reading pile beside my comfy chair. And just as I believe we are given signs of grace every day in myriad of ways, I found that this book about grace was yet another sign of unearned blessings in my life.  I'm grateful to my good husband, good family and friends, good books and the many graces I receive. They comprise the riches of my life.

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