Monday, January 1, 2018

Fresh Thoughts for Your Monday: Clean Slate

Happy New Year! The turning of the calendar to a new year offers many new possibilities!

As something new in my new year, I'm starting Fresh Thoughts for Your Monday, a bloglet—a short blog post—that will post every Monday morning as a positive, pick-me-up for your new day and week. I'll share the link to each Fresh Thoughts for Your Monday installment on social media and will look for your feedback to see if the messages are contributing positively to your day and week.

Also, bookmark this blog and check back frequently for other little surprises throughout the year! You'll find Affirming Words, Seasonal Sprinkles and more. The goal of this blog is to provide uplifting, centering words to help you make time to be.

Keri Olson


Just as the fallen snow tidies up the landscape, making everything pristine and bright, the new year offers us an opportunity to clean our own slates, think anew and look positively at the possibilities in our lives. 

What does this new year, new week and new day mean to you? What tidying up will you do in your life? What new adventures will you explore? What change in perspective will you adopt?

It's a new year! Clean the slate! Set the stage for good things to happen in your 2018!

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