Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday Sunshine: Let Your Light Shine!

There are days when I've felt as if nothing I've done is right. No matter how hard I tried, some things just didn't work out. 

My efforts have been ignored or at least not acknowledged. Others have received accolades for work I've done.

It's easy to grow disheartened if your efforts don't appear to be appreciated or those you do make still don't seem to be enough or don't turn out the way you intended for them.

Take heart. Don't become discouraged. Don't be hard on yourself. Let your hurts, your self-doubts and your discouragements roll off your back. 

Keep persevering. Do your best. Be positive. Let your light shine! You have it in YOU to do great things!

As you build confidence and give it your best, you'll release the hurt and self-doubt you carry. 

Soon, circumstances will have an amazing, unanticipated way of working themselves out. New doors will open, new relationships will be formed, new ways of seeing yourself will be revealed, and new opportunities will present themselves.

Today, this week: Do your best! Be confident! Let your light shine! 

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