Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sunday Sunshine: Sparkle and Light

Light is incrementally returning to us, minute by minute, after several months of darkness. 

Even in the darkness around us, each one of us has the opportunity to radiate light. That may be through a kind word to someone, smiling to a stranger, contributing to a charitable cause, being compassionate to your neighbor.

You may also bring light to your surroundings through your creativity and positive energy, lifting the spirits of others while doing good work.

The energy you expend will come back to you. When you're kind, kindness comes back to you. When you exude joy, joy comes back to you. Use your good energy to attract positivity back to you.

Today, this week: Think about the many ways in which you are overflowing with the sparkle and light of creativity and positive energy. Bring light to darkness.

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