Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sunday Sunshine: Keep Going

While out on my daily walk one day this spring, I came across a cheery, hopeful message written in various colors of chalk on the sidewalk ahead of me. "Just keep going," it said. Over it was a bright chalk rainbow.

During this strange and often frightening time of COVID-19 where all that has been normal seems to have been upended, I felt as if I needed that encouragement to just keep going. And likely, so do you.

The road isn’t always clear. A sudden detour can take us on an unfamiliar route. It’s okay to check your surroundings and get your bearings. 

But, don’t let the detours of life stop you. Just keep going.

Even if the horizon feels far away, just keep going. 

Keep pursuing your dreams, keep spreading your light, keep taking good care of you, keep taking good care of others. Whatever you do, it’ll be worth every step. Good things will be waiting for you. 

But you have to keep going.

Stay strong, stay focused, stay hopeful. Look for the rainbows after the rain. 

When the way ahead is unclear, rely on your faith, hang onto hope and have confidence that the path will reveal itself -- exactly when the time is right. Just keep going.

Today, this week: Stay strong. Stay focused. Stay hopeful. Stay centered. Just keep going.

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