Monday, November 14, 2011

Letting Go

My horoscope read recently that I should take it easy and trust that things will fall into place without my added input. It went on to say that pushing to close a deal could make matters worse.  I don't hang onto every word of my horoscope but this one spoke to me.  Knowing when to push on and when to let go takes discernment.  We're reminded time and again to never give up, not ever.  But there are those times when we need to stop, listen and then proceed with openness for signs of the next right thing as it comes before us.  Such openness to newness may involve risk, re-invention or an energy we may not be certain we have.  But it can also be that something we need in order to reinvigorate or redirect us onto the right path.  Pushing on or hanging on may stall us while letting go may be the true, liberating watershed moment.  I witnessed an elegant letting-go a couple of days ago that exemplified grace, peace and calmness.  It was a blessing to see this wise individual accepting what is to be, with openness.  I learned from her that letting-go can indeed be the right decision.

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  1. Keri, Your posts have inspired me many times. I look forward to reading each day. Your post for Monday brings back many memories and thoughts. You know that 6 years ago I had to let go of something and still push on with my life. I am happy, calmer and at ease now! Thank You for the memories!



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