Sunday, June 8, 2014


I had the pleasure of having a few occasions recently to be on campus at the University of Wisconsin - Baraboo/Sauk County and to participate in the interview and selection process for the new campus dean. It was while at dinner with one of the dean candidates that I began to silently reminisce about the many wonderful experiences I have had on that campus over the years. My first recollection was getting a tour of the campus when I was in the sixth grade and having the opportunity to experience its modern 1960s science facilities. Those "modern" facilities are now outmoded and will soon be replaced by a new science facility on campus that respects the prairie architecture of the other campus buildings and gives a nod to the view that can only be described as breathtaking. I, then, thought of my days in Campus Singers, my time on the stage as a member of the Rogues & Vagabonds theatrical group, and how gratefully I listened to George Harrison's "Here Comes the Sun," the signature song that marked the final biology lab (no more dissections!).  But, perhaps one of the most vivid memories for me was the beginning of my love of classical music, thanks to a music appreciation class where Ravel's "Bolero" was played. This was well before the movie "10," which made the musical piece well known to the masses. I was so taken by "Bolero" that I bought an LP record album of it that I played over and over and over.  A liberal arts education opens one's horizons to new thoughts, new philosophies, new perspectives. It did all of that for me and cultivated an appreciation for classical music that remains with me today.

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