Sunday, June 1, 2014

Seeing Green

While on a Saturday afternoon drive with my friend Lou last weekend, we both remarked about the subtle shades of green found everywhere in the landscape. As a child, I thought that every possible shade of green was found in my gigantic box of crayons. However, nature has a way of creating so many shades of green that one can scarcely put a name to them all.  The mystery and magic of this time of year is how one day, the landscape seems barren and dry and brown and then the next, that same dull landscape is suddenly dotted with green here, there and everywhere. Now that we've had a few weeks of warmth, sunshine and a bit of rain, the landscape has become lush.  In addition to the greening of the countryside, Lou and I enjoyed spying the wood violets, the wild geraniums, the bluebells, Solomon's seal and May apples. Our drive took us on many a back road.  At each intersection, we'd spontaneously decide whether to turn left, right or head straight. Thus, our ride took us through the rolling hillside, onto the prairie and even on a Rustic Road that neither one of us could recall ever experiencing. Spring is here in all of its glory and I, for one, am particularly pleased to be seeing green these days.

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