Sunday, March 8, 2020

Sunday Sunshine: Live in This Moment.

We hang onto them as if they were among our most prized possessions. We keep a firm grip on them so we can draw upon them throughout our waking—and especially our nighttime—hours. They are our worries, fears and regrets.

When we give them our attention and energy, our fears and worries become bigger, darker and more foreboding and our regrets feel more disappointing, especially in those middle-of-the-night hours when all seems darker, bigger and scarier.

Turn those worries, fears and regrets around and scoot them out the door. Let them float away with the wind. Fill those empty spaces instead with gratitude. Focus on the blessings of this moment, and your worries and fears won’t find room to come back.

Today, this week: Live in this moment. Focus on Now.

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