Sunday, March 1, 2020

Sunday Sunshine: Rest. Renew. Recharge.

March is here -- that glorious month that heralds the beginning of spring. It’s easy now to begin filling your calendar with commitments, celebrations and activities. It’s easy to feel as if you’re running yourself ragged.

There is a gift, however, that you can give yourself, wrapped in a pretty spring bow. Give yourself time to refill your spiritual well and recharge your battery. You are more productive when you engage in self-care.

Spring is a season of renewal. Take a cue from nature.

Each day, make room in your busyness to take care of you. Read a chapter in a book. Take a walk. Listen to some good music. Write in a journal. Spend time outdoors. Close your eyes and meditate. Take a cat nap.

Today, this week: Rest. Renew. Recharge.

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