Sunday, December 6, 2020

Sunday Sunshine: Angels Among Us

There are angels among us everywhere. They don’t all have wings and halos or play harps or wear white robes. Angels come in the form of those who don’t make a lot of fanfare but whose actions demonstrate love. Angels can be found in our everyday encounters:

The person who sits with an elderly woman, holding her hand in times of fear
The person who patiently sits with a young child, encouraging him to read aloud when reading comes difficult
The person who delivers a hot meal to a homebound neighbor
The person who extends a hand in welcome to a stranger
The person who knits a prayer shawl for a hospital patient

Be one of those angels among us. Be an angel in someone’s life.

Be kind, be loving, be inclusive, be generous, be patient.

Today, this week: Watch for the angels around you. Take their cue and be one, too.

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