Sunday, December 13, 2020

Sunday Sunshine: Experience the Wonder

When you think back to your childhood, do you remember how you viewed the world? I would dare say that everything felt new to you back then. It was easier to see things through the eyes of wonder and amazement. Each moment was precious. It was all you knew.

There was only Now to think about. Just Now.

As you found yourself growing older, however, your so-called adult priorities likely found a way to creep in. Perhaps those grown-up priorities clouded your childlike vision. 

As the years pile up, there's an easy tendency to pile up your worries, fears, plans and stresses, as well. Often, you have so much on your mind that the precious moments in front of you go ignored. 'Now' gets lost in the midst of reflections about yesterday and plans for tomorrow.

Take a moment to pause this holiday week and drop the scales from your adult eyes. Allow yourself to be a bit of a child again. That little person is still inside of you and has lessons to teach you. Return to seeing the world with wonder. See the beauty in each precious moment. Be in a place of Now -- not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today.

Today, this week: Draw from the child inside of you to view the world. See each experience through the eyes of wonder, adventure and amazement.

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