Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Drink with Jam and Bread

My mom loved Constant Comment tea.  So when I read a book lately in which the author referred to Constant Comment, I thought of Mom right away and the many conversations she and I had over a "cuppa" throughout the years.  I think there's no gift more intimate among good friends than a gift of tea.  This holiday season, I gave my friend Ellen some Constant Comment as a remembrance of the special friendship she and my mother had.  I gave our friend Betty chai tea -- a favorite of hers, and I gave my boss a calming tea blend to balance her busy life.  A cup of tea has the amazing ability to calm the nerves and clear the mind.  And on a cold, snowy, dreary winter day, a steaming cup of tea goes delightfully well with a good book in one's favorite chair.  I can see myself there now.

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