Monday, December 19, 2011

A Little Bit of Heaven

I can scarcely think of anything more relaxing than strolling through an art gallery.  Add live chamber music and I think I'm in heaven.  I must've been in heaven yesterday because Larry and I took in an afternoon at the spectacular Chazen Museum of Art on the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison.  The museum had recently expanded, so the artwork available for view had grown tremendously since our last visit.  From the masters to modern art, from Grandma Moses to Andy Warhol, we took it all in, finding a treasure to savor around every turn.  The piano, cello and violin music of the Arcos Trio carried throughout much of the museum, creating an almost ethereal environment in which to pore over each piece of art.  I believe it lowers one's blood pressure, focuses attention and restores the spirit to be in the midst of beauty.  A little bit of heaven, I'd say.

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