Monday, December 24, 2018

Fresh Thoughts for Your Monday: Give Joy!

If you could package up something lovely to give to another person (or for yourself), what might it be? 

Many of us exchange gifts at this time of year. It’s the season of gift giving after all: A good book, a new tie, some warm socks, the latest toy. 

But what about those intangible gifts, those gifts that you can’t quite put a bow on?

What if your gift-giving ideas included giving joy, peace and love—not just to those on your list, but to as many people as you possibly can?

The holidays are joyful for many people, but for many others, they’re a reminder of losses, tense relationships, loneliness, a shortage of cash, a difficult health diagnosis.

Today, this week: Give the gifts of joy, peace and love wherever you go.

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