Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Beginnings

"This is a Day of New Beginnings" is one of my favorite songs in the United Methodist hymnal. It is a fitting song, I believe, for this time of year, when the calendar turns over to a new month and a new year, and we begin anew. As the hymn's lyrics state, it's a "time to remember and move on." I like to ponder in early January about the year that has been, what I've experienced, what I've learned, what I've given and what I've received. I also like to devote time to thinking about the year to come, anticipating all that will be new and interesting. In the end, however, all we have is this day, this moment. One can dwell on the past or plan or fear the future, but we really only have today. We really only have Now. Every day is a new beginning -- a new chance to love, learn, grow and give of ourselves with gratitude for our many blessings. If there is one thing I hope to do in this new year, it will be to live fully in the present, trusting in my intuition and in my faith as each day unfolds, bringing with it new opportunities to better understand and give of myself. May your new year be filled with great days of new beginnings.