Sunday, February 5, 2017

An Enthusiastic God Within

I read recently that the word enthusiasm comes from two root words that, combined, mean God Within or Full of God. Learning this bit of information caused me to reflect on a word I have often used and often felt: Enthusiasm. I tend to be a positive person who, when given the opportunity to immerse myself in an experience, will do so with gusto. During those times when I am most enthusiastic, the experience is contagious in that it spills over into other parts of my life and, hopefully, spills over into the lives of others who may be sharing the experience with me. On January 31, I closed a professional chapter in my life that has been filled with its share of enthusiastic moments. As I leave, I reflect with joy on the many times when the group's energy and eagerness have been palpable, its collective hope sincere and its enthusiasm the propellant by which we have moved forward, even when the way seemed uncertain or perhaps tenuous. It has been a period of creativity and joy, strategy and action, truly an exercise in enthusiasm. As I exit this wonderful organization, I take with me lessons of what an eager, hopeful, creative and joyful group of people can accomplish when being enthusiastic together, even when the odds may appear against them. I will hold close the lessons I have learned from our thinking and speaking positively and dreaming expansively, while at the same time, shedding negativity, closing out doubt and forbidding critical, harsh words to be spoken. This professional experience has opened my heart and mind to the vital role of enthusiasm in our lives and because of it, I feel the God Within.