Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sunday Sunshine: Hope Over Fear

We hang onto them as if they were among our most prized possessions. We keep a firm grip on them so we can draw upon them throughout our waking—and especially our nighttime—hours. They are our worries and fears.

When we give them our attention and energy, our fears and worries become bigger, darker and more foreboding, especially in those middle-of-the-night hours when all seems darker, bigger and scarier. Don’t let them consume you.

Do not be afraid. Look fears and worries straight in the eye. Turn them around and scoot them out the door. Let them float away with the wind.

Fill those empty spaces instead with hope and gratitude. Focus on the blessings of this moment, and your worries and fears won’t find room to come back. Face the light.

Today, this week:  Focus on your blessings, not your worries or fears.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sunday Sunshine: Cast Your Bright Starlight

Where are you being called to serve? 

Listen carefully for the answer. You have many gifts and talents to make the world a better place.

Do you have time -- just a little bit of time -- to give to something greater than yourself, a cause that resonates with your interests and values, something that could use your abundant talents? If you say yes, you will feel the richness of the experience, and others will benefit from your generosity

So, cast your bright starlight out to your family, your neighborhood, your community and beyond. Be the light of goodness that will attract others to their goodness.

Today, this week: Where are you being called to serve?

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Sunday Sunshine: Everyday Miracles

The days fly by. We focus on our phones, our to-do lists, our daily demands. It’s easy to miss the important things when you’re focused on the distractions.

Slow down a moment and open your eyes. Open your eyes to miracle:

The miracle of the magnificence of a brilliant sunrise
The miracle of the jubilant sound of birds singing
The miracle of the gentle snow forming a blanket of white
The miracle of the beauty of a sunset
The miracle of a maple tree wearing its autumn colors
The miracle of the power of a hug
The miracle of a kind smile or word to make your day
The miracle of our senses – to be able to see, hear, smell, taste, feel

You get my drift. Everywhere around you are miracles. Everywhere around you are blessings.

Today, this week: Keep your eyes open for the everyday miracles.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Sunday Sunshine: Seeking Joy? Start by Being Grateful.

It’s November. Thanksgiving will soon be upon us.

When you think about Thanksgiving—both the holiday and the state of being—what can you name right now that you’re thankful for?

When you’re grateful and you see abundance in your life, have you found that your perspective changes and it’s easier to see more and more abundance, that your abundance grows? Do you also notice that your level of joy increases, too?

When your heart is filled with thanksgiving, it will also be filled with joy. Being grateful and being joyful are closely linked. One feeds the other: Gratitude feeds joy and joy feeds gratitude.

Today, this week: Be grateful and watch your joy grow.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Sunday Sunshine: I'm Thankful for All I Have

We have officially entered November today -- that lovely month of Thanksgiving. 

Rather than confine that sense of gratitude to only one day, consider counting your blessings every single day this month.

Reportedly, it takes around 30 days to re-wire your brain to adopt a new habit or shed an old, less-desirable one. Use this month's 30 days to name your blessings every day -- perhaps upon awakening, at meal time or before falling asleep at night.

Name just one blessing in your life each day this month and realize just how very rich you are.

Today, this week: Remember that your life is rich and abundant. Name your blessings. Be grateful for all that you have.