Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crispy Crunch - It's Apple Season

Macoun apples were my mom's favorites.  So, in remembrance of her, I bought two bags of Macouns at Ski-Hi Fruit Farm last weekend.  Being a beautiful, sunny, unseasonably warm Saturday, the orchard was abuzz with apple shoppers of all ages.  The orchard is always such a happy place, especially on a day as exquisite as that one.  Children were running throughout the grounds, giggling, shrieking, chasing each other and enjoying all abandonment of worry or cares, as only children can do.  The crispy crunch of biting into a locally grown, tart Macoun took me back to the joy of my own childhood when my mom and I would visit Ski-Hi.  Priceless.

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  1. Macouns were my family's favorite apple, too, discovered on a trip to Ski-Hi and enjoyed at a picnic in Parfree's Glen before going home via the Merrimac Ferry. My sister and I used to be two of those kids running around the orchard at Ski-Hi in the early 1960's. Thanks for bringing back these wonderful memories, Keri!


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