Saturday, October 22, 2011


Now-peace.  My friend Clyde used that term in a recent letter to my husband and me.  I love the term now-peace because it makes the concept of finding peace accessible and achievable now, not some elusive, hoped-for event for the future.  After all, now is truly the only time we know that we have (although my plans, worries and fears would trick me into thinking otherwise).  The ability to find peace and embrace it right now is worth the effort.  Now-peace will become my personal meditative inhale-exhale.  Now-peace: I'll repeat it to myself whenever harried, hurried, angry or upset.  Now-peace is with me right now.


  1. it sounds so peaceful ;) I do like it and it's true that when you are saying it after a hard moment, well you feel better :) thank you for sharing Keri :) have a nice colorful autumn weekend :)


  2. Thanks so much for your thoughts, Sophie. There is indeed peace in simply enjoying this beautiful autumn day. It will be a perfect one for an afternoon hike. Thanks so much again for following my blog and for the lovely feedback.


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