Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Human Being, Not Human Doing

Time to be.  Why call my blog by that name?  Because I enjoy the peaceful act of simply being as much as doing.  I've learned that it's necessary to set aside regular time for solitude, reflection and introspection.  With this blog, I'll focus on being, not just doing.  I'll express opinions and observations, offer thoughts about items in the news, reflect and ruminate, reminisce and ramble, dream.  I will look to see life for all that's good and report on the simplest tasks and most fundamental of relationships with nature and others.  With a deep respect for the gentle steadfastness of my beloved mom who passed away four weeks ago and with a nod to her favorite author, Gladys Taber, I will write of joy, of loving and of living in the moment.  Time to be.


  1. Let's try this, Ok?
    Maybe your Mom and my Mom are having tea or coffee in heaven right now, and some apple crisp that my Mom made, since your Mom is new and doesn't know where all the facilities are quite yet.
    I know it comforted me when my nephew said,
    " Probably Grandma was just met by Karla (his sister who had died in a car accident a year or so before) and she has taken Grandma's hand and said, "Here's where we go for tea, and Grandma and Grandpa (my Mom's parents) are waiting for us." I know it is a very simplistic vision, but it has comforted me many times.

  2. Your vision is comforting, Anita! Thank you so much for giving me that word picture for me to cherish.

  3. This looks like a wonderful blog and I hope to check back often to see how you be.

  4. Congratulations on the start of a great blog!!

  5. This is another tidbit about my Mom that might give you a picture of yours that might help in times of pain. It is a poem that I wrote after my Mom died. She was addicted to counted cross-stitch, and gave us all sample after sample of her work. One of the last things she gave me was a picture of a rainbow, with lilies. Only the rainbow was colored, the lilies were blank,white space.

    Ghost Lilies
    Marvel Mae Klaassen

    All my rainbows, now,
    have blank spots
    the shape
    of you

    As you may have noticed, my mom and yours had the same middle name. It is mine also.

  6. Anita, your poem is beautiful and it reflects the beautiful story you told of her final cross-stitch. It's no wonder that you and my mom got along so very well, having been bestowed with the same middle name! Thank you for sharing. These are the kinds of stories that warm my heart and remind me of the beauty of living.

  7. Yep Keri ---- what you said at the beginning --- that's what I try to do on my blog too ! Welcome aboard to the magical land of Blog !

  8. Thanks, Jim -- Now I can say I'm a blogger, just like you. You paved the way.

  9. Thanks keri, you write beautiful stories, I cherish the moments I spend on the computer discovering what you have written :)


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