Thursday, October 13, 2011

Recent Weather Was Music to My Senses

The weather appears to finally be catching up with the calendar.  But there was one day recently during a stretch of sunny, unseasonably warm weather when I observed that if the day had been put to music, it would surely have been a Telemann trumpet concerto -- vibrant, bright, spectacular.  It was what I would call the Perfect Autumn Day: sunshine, temps in the 70s, light breeze, everyone wanting to get outside to soak up that oh, so perfect day because we knew in October such days would be numbered.  At Devil's Lake State Park (where Larry and I walk nearly every day), the sun-soaked east bluff boasted brilliant fall color while the west bluff, shrouded in shade, was somewhat more subdued.  The two bluffs seemed to be in competition with each other as to which side could brag about its fall wardrobe the loudest.  The boardwalk was covered in the usual sand, but commingled with acorn fragments, fallen oak leaves, rusty evergreen needles and crunchy maple leaves.  One maple along the boardwalk was an amazing combination of green and mottled yellow and scarlet.  Autumn was displaying her most vivid finery that day and I was fortunate to be there to watch.


  1. Keri, congratulations on your blog! I've just signed up as one of your 'followers.' Good luck and continue to have fun with it.

  2. Thanks so much, Nancy. You're pursuing writing as vocation, while my pursuit right now is pure avocation! Thank you for following me on this new journey.

  3. Keri:

    What a wonderful experiment. I like your definition of yesterday's spectacular weather!

    I was blessed to have the day off and chaperone Cally's 5K class on a field trip to a pumpkin farm which coincidentally was in the middle of a huge apple orchard. What made the trip especially intriguing for me was that songs on the bus and all teacher communication was in French. The adults took our cues from the kids because they understood!

  4. Thanks, Donna, for viewing my blog! What a wonderful field trip with Cally. I'm afraid I'd really have to brush up on my French to keep up with the 5-year-olds!


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