Thursday, April 24, 2014

All Gussied Up

In a day when photographs are taken simply with the click of one's cell phone and "selfies" are all the rage on Facebook, it seems almost unusual to dress up in our best clothes to pose for a professional photographer. However, such is the case this evening. Larry and I are scheduled to have a professional portrait taken for our church directory tonight. It's been ages since we had our photograph taken and years since we posed for a formal portrait. There's something rather pleasant about having to get "all gussied up" for a photograph. Of course, there are the strategies that the photography firm recommended, including that adults wear long-sleeved clothing in complementary colors and timeless styles, that you schedule your photograph at a time when your haircut isn't fresh, and even that your fingernails are trimmed and your shoes appropriate, just in case they show in the picture. That isn't to say that you can't be original. The material on the photographer's website invites you to bring your pets, toys or musical instruments if you wish to show your unique personality. Ours will simply be Larry in suit and tie and me in an ensemble comprised of colors to complement his. The last time I had a church directory photo taken, I posed with mom. To honor her memory, I think I'll wear one of her pretty nature pins so that a part of her is in the picture, too.

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