Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bird City

Larry and I had the pleasure of hearing a speaker from Bird City Wisconsin a few weeks ago.  It was one of those evenings when the wind was whipping and the notion of staying in the warmth of our home sounded almost too enticing.  But, we ventured out anyway and heard an entertaining and informative program about the Bird City Wisconsin initiative that encourages Wisconsin communities to make a bird-friendly commitment.  The program complements the Arbor Day Foundation's Tree City USA designation.  There are some 80 communities in our state that have made the commitment to "make our communities healthy for birds... and people."  That particular evening, a portion of the program was presented by a teacher from the Baraboo School District who is passionate about bringing the fascination of science to her students.  This young woman spoke with such conviction and excitement that I only wished I was in middle school again so I could have her as my teacher. I'm no ornithologist, but I have a deep appreciation and gratitude for the birds that grace our community, bringing their beauty and song to enhance the day.  There is nothing so lovely at this time of year than to hear their sweet songs in the early morning on my way into the office.  I'm all in favor of Baraboo taking the plunge and engaging residents of all ages to become birders and to make our neighborhoods better places for people, birds and all living things.

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