Monday, April 21, 2014

Resurrection Song

For the past several days, the hymn "Easter People Raise Your Voices" has been going through my head. The jubilant nature of the song coincides well with the joy of the Easter holiday and of the spring season when all comes alive. It is at this time of year when thoughts of resurrection take on special and deep meaning. In a letter our pastor wrote to the congregation, she suggested that we "remember 'resurrection' is a call to new life and an appeal for us to practice resurrection here and now." I witnessed signs of new life as I took an Easter afternoon walk yesterday.  There was the purple crocus peeking out of a crevice, the daffodil clump in bloom, children on swings in their Easter go-to-church clothes, teenagers playing baseball and shooting hoops, adults on front porches and on patios, dogs barking as they raced around their backyards, the scent of a barbecue grill in the distance. As Christians celebrated resurrection yesterday, the Earth celebrated a resurrection, too, in the form of a renewal from the quiet of winter to the awakening of spring.  This is indeed a time of new life, an opportunity to explore our own renewals and to raise our voices in jubilation for all of our blessings.

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