Monday, April 14, 2014

Bookin' It

For the past three months, I have busied myself during the cold, wintery weekends with lots of writing and public relations projects.  I have plunked myself in front of my laptop for a portion of every Saturday and Sunday to write news releases, feature stories, interview questions, video scripts and the like.  The days have flown by, but I haven't given myself sufficient time to lollygag in my comfy leather reading chair and ottoman for some serious reading.  I've given myself time to read, for sure, but not prolonged periods of time when nothing on my to-do list beckoned loud enough to pull me out of my comfortable surroundings.  One recent afternoon, I found that my list had been completed and there were no writing or PR projects reminding me to be done, so I sat down in my chair, allowed myself to sink deeply into it and I read from the stack of three library books beside it.  At first, I had a sense of guilt. Shouldn't I be doing something constructive?  Then, I realized, I was doing something constructive.  I was giving my mind, body and spirit a break, a respite from the hectic workday pace and the weekends at my laptop.  It was sheer bliss, something I will do from here on out on a regular basis as a gift to myself.

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