Thursday, May 1, 2014

Jeepers Creepers

While walking at Devil's Lake State Park the last few weeks, I've been reminded of that 1938 song, "Jeepers Creepers," with lyrics that ask "Where'd you get those peepers?"  The song may be referring to someone's eyes, but I was humming the song as we have passed through an enchanting area where the spring peepers and red-winged blackbirds are engaged in jubilant chorus, their voices loud and resonant.  How can such small beings make such a deafening sound, I wonder? On occasion, they've been joined by the loud squawk of a random Canada goose. On a few recent evenings, we've ended our walk with a short drive to the Great Blue Heron rookery where industrious parents have been preparing nests high in the pine trees for their brood. With each week, their prehistoric-sounding calls grow louder in intensity and volume. I savor every scent, sound and sight of spring, for it is my favorite of all seasons. It is a joy to simply be alive, among the peepers, squawkers and singers. Jeepers Creepers.

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