Monday, May 12, 2014

Literary Genius

For the second year in a row, I have been invited as an "expert writer" to participate in a Baraboo High School junior literary theme and composition research project.  This year, the students have been asked to research a topic from the 1940s, with options ranging from the U.S. Presidency to celebrities and events of the era. My job will be to attend a writing workshop block tomorrow morning and experience a one-on-one session with a student. I will read the student's research paper draft and then provide oral and written feedback. I thoroughly enjoyed last year's experience where I got to work one on one with two students who shared their research from the 1980s, with one paper about the fashions of the time (or more like fashion faux pas!) and the beginnings of MTV. As someone who has enjoyed reading and writing since I can remember, it is a joy to see that passion shared by succeeding generations. So, I look forward to some good reading tomorrow morning as I learn about the 1940s and how today's high school students interpret and present life during an era from 70 years ago.

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