Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fueling Our Passions

I'm no aficionado, but I do love looking at antique and classic cars. I admire the care with which a classic car owner tends to his or her vehicle. Last month, I had the pleasure of walking the downtown streets of our community for a classic car show. Our courthouse square was filled with 100 colorful, shining, perfectly detailed classic vehicles, ranging from trucks to roadsters, sedans to sports cars, even a truck that had a cannon for a human cannonball circus act affixed to its chassis. I couldn't help but think about the many objects or activities that fuel our passions, whether they're classic cars or quilting, gardening or baking, reading or running in marathons. Our passions feed our souls and express to the world a glimpse of who we are.  I know people whose passions have been clearly defined since they were children, where others have cultivated their passions over time, sometimes well into their adulthood. I have a close friend whose passion is art in its many forms.  For years, she quilted and sewed and gardened. These days, her passions have turned to painting. She paints intricate designs on eggs and rocks, each a miniature masterpiece. Whatever our passions are, I think life becomes richer, fuller, more meaningful when we allow ourselves to fuel them. Realizing our passions is a gift to ourselves and to others. What is your passion?

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