Sunday, August 10, 2014

Quiet Times with Queen Anne's Lace

It's that time of year when the roadsides are white with Queen Anne's Lace.  The lacy, white flower clusters capture my attention as they wave in the warm August breeze. Seeing the delicate flowers brings back fond memories of peaceful moments in the midst of fun, though hectic days. During my years at Circus World Museum, where I served as the public relations director for the museum, its circus train and its circus parade, I was one of the lucky staff members who got to ride our circus train through the Wisconsin countryside, stopping in towns and cities along the way to Milwaukee where we staged a colossal circus street parade. My days on the train were busy with media, music and merriment.  I thrived on the activity, but when my mind and body finally tired, I would retreat to a part of the train where I could sit quietly, undisturbed and just look out the window. It was during those moments when I first fell in love with Queen Anne's Lace, focusing intently on how gently the long stems bowed in the breeze. All of the circus train's laughter, music and crowds melted away during those stolen moments, just the Queen Anne's Lace and me.

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