Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer Reflections

Labor Day weekend is here, the unofficial conclusion of summer. How did those long-anticipated, delightful summer months go by so quickly?  I longed for the warm, breezy, verdant and beautiful days and evenings of summer during last winter's harsh, endless and unforgiving weather.  Once summer arrived, my husband Larry and I gratefully took advantage of every moment.  We took countless evening walks.  We attended numerous local events, concerts and festivals.  We consumed pounds of delicious produce sold at the downtown farmer's market. As I reflect on this summer, I think of actual reflections of the setting sun on Devil's Lake.  A long swath of brilliant orange would reflect on the water, causing it to sparkle and shimmer like jewels. Soon, we'll enter a new season of changing leaves, pumpkins, heavy sweaters and football games, but for the moment, I'll soak up the last hours of summer before it unofficially comes to an end. What a glorious season it has been.

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