Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Peaceful Resting Place

Larry and I have taken a couple of walks to our local cemetery recently.  It's a lovely cemetery, the kind of beautiful resting place that promotes peace for all who enter.  We strolled row after row of graves, stopping often to look more closely at the headstones, to read about the people who reside there in perpetuity.  Some had too-short lives, while others experienced many years of joys and sorrows.  Some were laid to rest many, many years ago, while others were interred there more recently.  Some of the Ringling brothers -- of circus fame -- and their families are there, people who lived stupendous, colossal lives and whose last name became synonymous with American entertainment.  Most of the people in our cemetery, however, were not-so-famous people who led noble lives.  They are all together in our beautiful cemetery, amid the towering pines, the majestic mausoleums and the elegant statuary.  May they all rest in peace.

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