Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Chirpy Good Morning

Each morning, as I walk through our healing garden at work to the door closest to my office, I am greeted by a chirpy hello from myriad little birds nestled in a windbreak of arbor vitae evergreens.  Sadly, I can't identify many bird calls but I would believe that they are sparrows.  Theirs are happy little voices and I smile every time I hear them.  My walk takes me quite close to the arbor vitae so that the voices are practically singing in my ear.  I slow down as I pass by them, just to soak in the happiness they give for a few more seconds.  Those little birds offer me some daily lessons:  Starting your day with a song is good for your soul.  Finding something to smile about, even in the midst of the ordinary but especially during times of concern, re-frames your day.  Taking the time to cheer someone else, even with just a smile and hello, can lighten that person's load, if only for a moment.  So, to my little daily greeters, many thanks.  You're making a difference in my life and I'm sure to others who walk briskly by your evergreen home every morning.

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