Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Flame

The cardinal is a traditional symbol of the beauty and warmth of the holiday season, according to a notation in a Christmas card I bought for my husband.  I kept looking for those traditional symbols all last month, but they eluded me.  I finally saw cardinals eating from a feeder early in the morning one day this week.  The female in her subtle wardrobe was joined by her brilliant red mate.  As Mother Nature designed, the female blended in with her surroundings, while the male looked like a flame against the silver, sparkling snow.  That blaze of red was a cheery welcome against the paleness of the winter palette.  Perhaps it was because I had been contemplating the male cardinal's vibrancy, but that same day I saw many people wearing red sweaters, red scarves, red hats, red mittens.  It might be our way of trying to be that winter flame in the starkness of the season.  Whatever it is, I find myself drawn to red these days to bring beauty, cheer and warmth to my winter.

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