Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pondering Putzing

The other day, someone told me that she loves to putz -- you know, puttering -- that kind of unproductive activity where you move from one task to another but you don't quite finish one thing before you start another.  I rarely hear the word "putz" but my mom used to talk about it a lot, especially in her retirement years.  She would marvel at how quickly the day went by when she chose to stay at home and simply putz.  If I were left to my own devices and had a day of unscheduled activity (sort of a rarity when you work full time), I'd be inclined to putzing, too, and might even become an expert!  There's something about having an unstructured day ahead of you where your eyes, your thoughts move you from one little project to another, not necessarily being incredibly productive but not being completely idle either.  On snowy weekend afternoons, I've been known to occasionally dabble in a little putzing but have found that sitting with my nose in a good book, getting out for some fresh air, or planning a little outing with Larry trump putzing.  It'll be something for me to ponder for another day.

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