Saturday, January 14, 2012

Living the Jetson Life

While vacuuming this afternoon, I was thinking about the sad news that our local Sears store is slated to close.  My parents bought many Sears items over the years, including our home's furnace.  Mom and I used to pore over the Sears catalog when it arrived. I bought clothes from the Sears catalog with some of my first paychecks when I was old enough to work.  While cleaning today, I particularly thought about a vacuum cleaner that Dad bought for Mom and I'm fairly certain it was from Sears.  It was a harvest gold and white canister model that slightly hovered over the carpet.  You still had to drag it around but you didn't have to wrestle with it as much as the older canister model we'd had.  As a kid, I thought that vacuum cleaner was the coolest piece of technology I'd ever seen and we had it in our home!  That vacuum cleaner made me feel as if I was living with The Jetsons, my favorite Saturday morning cartoon program at that time.  I even volunteered to vacuum, which must've stunned my mom!  It's funny how things can stimulate long-forgotten memories of when harvest gold and olive green were brand new "in" colors for appliances, when life without certain stores seemed unthinkable, and when vacuuming made you feel as if you were Jane Jetson or Rosie the robot maid.

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