Friday, January 27, 2012

Soup's On

Winter is made for soup, so Larry and I have been enjoying a lot of it.  A recent batch of homemade split pea soup was just what we needed to warm our insides after a brisk, barely-above-zero day.  Soup not only warms our insides, it seems to warm our souls, too, providing one of the best comfort foods I know.  Larry commented that we could have soup as much as I wanted to fix it this winter, so this week, we may have cauliflower and potato soup and pumpkin soup, too.  Both recipes are chocked full of vegetables in a broth base.  To make our soup meals even more enjoyable, our good friend Kitty sent me home the other day with homemade sour dough bread that was so tasty, you could only mumble "More!" between mouthfuls.  There are so many great soup recipes to try and this time of year invites experimentation.  So, soup's on!

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