Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fleur de Lis

Last evening, Larry and I had the pleasure of hearing a gifted classical pianist in concert.  His hands appeared to move effortlessly across the entire keyboard. And his profound memory was able to retain the complexities of each lengthy musical piece.  From Brahms to Bach to Beethoven, the audience was transported through time and music to a place of serenity and sheer happiness.  For the past few days as I anticipated the concert, I was transported through time in a different way to my childhood and my elementary school friend Debbie.  Debbie and her family moved to our community when we were about eight years old.  She took both piano and organ lessons.  I hadn't known anyone at that stage of my life who was taking music lessons, let alone on two different types of keyboards.  Debbie took her music seriously and was well-practiced.  When I would go to her house to play, she would ultimately include a little piano and/or organ concert into our time together.  Unwittingly, she cultivated my interest in classical music and transformed my interest in music, in general.  I did not play an instrument; I was a singer.  So to hear Debbie's beautiful piano music was captivating to me, even as a little girl.  I recall asking her to play "Fleur de Lis" over and over and over again.  To this day, when I hear that lovely composition, I think fondly of Debbie and thank her for bringing the gift of classical music to my life.

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