Friday, February 24, 2012

Marvelous Minds

I recently read about a gentleman who is not only a gifted musician and college professor, but also a Harvard-trained mathematician, an avid bicyclist, a computing innovator, and a husband and father.  It got me to thinking again about our amazing, mysterious and marvelous brains that can facilitate such diverse talents in a single individual.  We may have dominant characteristics to our ways of thinking -- the rational left brain vs. the artistic right brain -- but that gentleman I read about certainly demonstrates that both sides can be cultivated and celebrated for their abilities and that the traits of the two hemispheres of our brains can co-exist very nicely. One need not give up one side of the brain's gifts for the other or pursue one dominant interest to the detriment of the others.  Somehow, through the magnificence of our minds, we can sort of have it all.  In other words, we can celebrate being of one mind, so to speak. We can enjoy many diverse vocations and avocations throughout our lives.  And as we allow ourselves to seek out those new adventures of the mind, the more we become whole beings.  Simply marvelous!

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