Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rushing Waters

A recent weekend walk along the river that bisects our community revealed hints of spring.  Instead of the breathless stillness I associate with winter, there was birdsong, squirrel chatter and the movement of water -- sometimes a slow lapping against the rocks and at other times rushing rapids.  Larry and I were not alone in our enjoyment of this natural space in the heart of our community.  We encountered kids, adults, couples, singles, families and pets.  Who could sit inside on such a stunning day?  I had "planned" that day for quiet time.  I had accumulated a little stack of books for the occasion.  I'd selected a dinner recipe to stoke our fires.  I was daydreaming about a lingering afternoon nap.  But, instead, Mother Nature gave us a brilliant, sunny, 50-degree February Wisconsin day, and all I wanted to do was be out in it.  Periodically throughout, I must admit, I longed for it to turn overcast, perhaps with a little added spitting of snow, just to permit me to sit idle.  But it was not to be.  Like the rushing waters along the river walk, I was pulled into movement.  I'll be idle another day.

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