Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Song in Your Heart

Lawrence Welk always used to end his television program, inviting the audience to keep a song in their hearts. A recent item floating around on Facebook made me think about Mr. Welk. The Facebook item features an artist's illustration of left-brain characteristics vs. right-brain. The left brain is portrayed in black and gray as being the place for linear, rational, evidence-based thinking, while the right brain is creative, splashed with color, the place where passion resides. If it weren't for those right-brain thinkers who bring us beauty, how could we ever keep -- let alone find -- a song in our hearts? In this day when science, math and technology are applauded, where do the arts and humanities fit in? I would recommend that we strike a balance, for if we have all science and math or all arts and humanities, our lives will be greatly lacking. Striking a balance between those left and right sides of our brains is important to our quality of life and makes us more well-rounded individuals. So, let's applaud, support and embrace the arts and the artistic sides of ourselves, knowing that doing so makes life just that much more beautiful.

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