Friday, February 10, 2012

Jack Frost

With a stealthy arrival and departure, Jack Frost visited our community recently, leaving an absolutely magnificent layer of hoarfrost behind on the landscape.  Set against a dense and overcast sky, each evergreen was tipped with white, while the frost literally clung to every surface of the deciduous trees' branches.  I happened to be in the car, seeking a shortcut back to my office, when I encountered this frosty fairyland.  Instead of getting back to work faster, I felt myself slowing down, taking in the beauty all around me.  Classical music playing on my car radio seemed to have been tuned to my surroundings, creating an enchanting, albeit brief, visual and aural departure from my everyday world.  There are so many unexpected pleasures in life when we're open to them.  I was grateful to have had such a gift handed to me during my attempt at hurrying that morning.

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