Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sage Words

While attending seminars and programs at Wisconsin Public Television's Garden Expo recently, I learned a lot about plants, planting methods and planting conditions.  But I also heard some wise words from the various speakers that touched aspects of my life other than gardening:  1) People tend to react to "big and ugly" in unfavorable ways.  True.  Sometimes big comes without ugly and vice versa, but when the two are perceived to be together, it's pretty easy to react unfavorably.  2) Make time more valuable.  True again.  How often do we read that we should work smarter, not harder, to use our time more wisely and to do those things that are the most important?   3) The intelligent tinkerer saves all of the pieces.  This quote, attributed to Aldo Leopold, is true yet again.  Environmentally, materially, intellectually and emotionally, when we have all of the pieces, the complete picture comes into view more clearly.  And often we can see that every piece has its place.  So, although I may have gone to the Garden Expo to learn about basil, rosemary and sage, the truth is I walked away with much more.  I left with some sage advice.

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