Friday, February 17, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

The weather's been topsy-turvy of late.  After a few days of bone-chilling, raw weather, the temperatures have rebounded to the mid-40s and the sun has shone brightly each day.  Perhaps it was because of the frigid temperatures of just a few days ago, but this latest warm-up appears to have warmed up everyone and everything.  In just one day, I witnessed multiple signs of spring:  The earth had that spring scent to it, as if the soil was waking up.  Two rather dazed and lethargic wasps were lazily warming themselves on sidewalks.  A storekeeper propped open the front door of his shop to let in the fresh air.  A woman was seated in a lawn chair in her front yard with a book in her lap.  A little, pot-bellied chimney was nearby, burning brightly to ward off any chill.  Winter-stained cars were being run through the car wash. The runners and walkers (both the two-legged human and four-legged canine varieties) came out in large numbers.  Spring is indeed in the air -- even if we know that it's one month premature -- and everyone is soaking it up with gratitude!

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