Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Queen of Hearts

I got my husband a quirky Valentine featuring Alice in Wonderland's Queen of Hearts on the cover.  The inside of the card was blank, which gave me all kinds of opportunity to write a silly Queen of Hearts-theme message to my beloved.  On this Valentine's Day, I think about hearts and how often I know I wear mine on my sleeve, how much I lead by my heart (as well as my head), how often I've felt as if I've suffered from a broken heart, and how much I care about the health of my physical heart (as well as my husband's).  To celebrate the day, I attempted to replicate the heart trees that Mom used to make when I was a child.  A clear canning jar filled with curly willow is now trimmed with red construction paper hearts traced with a pencil and a cookie cutter.  The arrangement graces our dining room table, making me smile every time I pass by it.  So, although I don't believe I bear many of the traits of Lewis Carroll's "Off with her head!" character, if just for today, I'll call myself a Queen of Hearts.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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