Friday, October 18, 2013

All Misty

The cool air and high humidity combined into some beautiful misty moments lately.  While driving in the country for several evenings in a row, Larry and I saw big swaths of mist rolling over fields, lifting up toward the trees.  It was eerie and magnificent all at the same time.  One evening while walking at Devil's Lake, the mist was particularly heavy, fingering out over the water as if to nearly touch us and gather us in.  Everything looked as if we were caught up in a cloud, for we were unable to see the opposite shore.  Again, there was an air of mystery around us. I found it quite enchanting.  In the grayness, the fall color popped, the reds even redder, the yellows more brilliant.  As a friend said, autumn in our beautiful Baraboo bluffs is a sight to behold.  Even when it's more subdued by a heavy veil of mist, I am forever reminded of the bluffs' beauty and how blessed we are to live among them. 

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