Saturday, October 26, 2013


While driving in the gorgeous autumn countryside lately, we came upon Landsinger Road.  While I don't know the origin of the road's name, that particular day, I couldn't think of a more appropriate name for it.  The scenic beauty of that area made my heart sing.  So, perhaps in my own way, I was a land-singer, if just for that moment.  These days, we read and hear about so many serious issues about our environment and the necessity for us to be better stewards of what we have been granted.  But in all of that serious discussion, I believe there also an opportunity for us to sing joyfully of the land.  I think of the many people I know who are stewards of the land around us -- farmers, vintners, conservationists and others who care so deeply and have such a keen sense of responsibility for the places they call home. I imagine that there are those times when they are land-singers, too.  So, the next time I find myself in awe of my surroundings, a song will come to my lips and the land-singer in me will let loose.

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