Friday, October 11, 2013


Larry keeps his flute at the ready.  The music stand, stacks of music and flute are strategically placed in his home office for those moments when the spirit overtakes him and he just has to make some music.  It doesn't really seem to matter what time of day it is.  All of a sudden, I'll hear the gentle, sweet tones of flute music wafting from our condo's lower level.  One recent morning, however, I awoke to flute music from Larry's office, which is one floor directly below our bedroom.  Although the music was gentle and soft, it served as a reveille for me.  Soon, I was out of bed, ready to start the day.  And what a much better way to start it when coming from a flute than from my clock's annoying alarm!  I may have to strike a deal with Larry that in addition to putting the morning newspaper on the bed for me to simply roll over and read from the comfort of my pillows, perhaps he'll play me a song on his flute to gently pry open my eyes.  Now, wouldn't that be the epitome of luxury?

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