Sunday, October 20, 2013

To B Free

After what felt like a long and hectic work week, Larry and I quickly got into the car one recent Friday evening and drove out to Devil's Lake to get in a much-appreciated walk before the sun set.  On our way, I spotted a parked vehicle with the license plate "To B Free."  I couldn't help but smile.  Don't we all crave that opportunity to be free, to have control of our day, our destiny, our decisions?  And then I thought of how much I also crave some structure to my existence, that I value being part of something significant and doing so with others.  "To B Free" can mean many things to many people, from freedom of religion and speech to the freedom to choose where you want to live or with whom you wish to share your life or the type of work you wish to pursue.  That night, while enjoying my all-important evening walk, I realized that I have the blessing "To B Free" in oh, so many ways.

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