Saturday, October 5, 2013

Remove the Names

While watching a video featuring Native American author and speaker Ray Buckley, I was taken by his comments about the need to remove the names of derision that deny the sacredness of a person.  If we hear those names enough, they begin to help shape how we feel about ourselves and others. While I would hope that I've long outgrown the childlike act of name calling of any kind to minimize or marginalize another or myself, I did think of the times when I succumb to worry and am fearful, impatient or angry, and I wondered if they, too, can become my name every now and again.  When I give in to the smallness of fear, worry, impatience and anger, I become smaller myself.  The weight of those words, emotions, moods and attitudes becomes a heavy burden.  Rising above them, removing them from my load frees me to see the good in each moment and each person.  It's time to remove the names and let in the light.

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